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A beautiful bookcase is a welcome addition to any room for multiple reasons. A bookcase can be used to store bins, souvenirs, photos, artwork, plants, and of course, books! Display your treasured items on a wood or metal bookcase that is almost as beautiful as the items it holds! Rather than hiding away these things in a closet, put them on a bookcase where everyone can see and enjoy them.

Plus, as the designers at Guynn Furniture will tell you, a bookcase can help a room feel taller and more organized. A tall bookcase will draw the eye up the room, making the ceilings appear taller and the room feel more proportional. This is perfect for small home offices as well as living rooms and bedrooms. Furthermore, bookcases provide a lot of storage without taking up a lot of space. Because the shelves are stacked vertically, you can use the height to take things away from other tables and desks and display them in an orderly fashion. This will help your other office furniture, like end tables and desks, remain free and available for their intended use!

At Guynn Furniture you’ll find bookcases that are tall, short, skinny, wide, and everything in between. Plus we have options in every color, including a dark, medium or light wood finish or paint colors like white, black and gray. Then you can find accessories like lamps, artwork, vases, pots, bins, and more to finish the look with a unique style that is completely your own! So if you’re shopping for bookcases and office furniture in the areas of Galax, Independence, and Hillsville, come to Guynn Furniture today!