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No home office is complete without the perfect desk. And because desks are created for different uses, Guynn Furniture has a wide selection of desks that are good for writing, typing at a computer, or doing arts and crafts projects. Our quality office furniture is built to have lasting beauty and functionality.

To select the desk that is right for your home office, living room, or bedroom, start by determining how large you want the piece to be. If you have a large open area in a dedicated office room, you might want a large desk with lots of drawers for storage. However, Guynn also has smaller desks that can be good for a small part of the living room or bedroom. These too have a few drawers so you will still get some storage space. Then you can look for options in the color of your choosing. Our wood desks come in dark, medium and light finishes as well as paint colors like white, black and gray. We also have mixed-media desks made from glass a metal for a more modern feel.

And not only does Guynn Furniture have your perfect desk, there are ergonomic office chairs, bookcases, filing cabinets, hutches, accent chairs, and any other type of office furnishings you could need! Not to mention accessories like lamps, area rugs, bins, organizers, and more! Our talented designers have selected the furniture and accessories specifically for our local customers so you’ll find everything you need under one roof! For home office desks in of Virginia, northern North Carolina and southern West Virginia, come to Guynn Furniture!